Fiona English Keynote Speaker | Coach | Thought Leader  

The key to purpose in life is to fully express all of who you are and can be. What you do, how you live, your relationships and your legacy will all flow naturally from a commitment to allow all parts of yourself to be seen and expressed in the world. Your life, work or business simply provide the vehicles through which you express your whole self. By becoming the fullest version of who we can be, we maximise our impact in the world. Each of us has the power to make a difference. 
I speak on topics as diverse as purpose, leadership, self-actualisation, authenticity, self-expression & spirituality; what they share is the exploration of who we are & how we want to show up in the world. 
I specialise in supporting purpose-led business owners, leaders and individuals seeking to express more of who they can be. Utilising my multi-disciplinary expertise, I provide you with the space to explore and challenge your ideas, values and strategic direction. 
My Writing 
I write about topics such as leadership, meaning, spirituality, wholeness & authenticity and my personal journey to express my whole self. 
Online Courses 
My courses aim to guide people to make sense of who they are, live more meaningful lives, explore their spirituality & embrace the power of authentic living. 


"Starting and attempting to scale your own business at times feels like a lonely high-wire act – Fiona understands that intrinsically and combines the compassion and challenge of an insightful coach, with the wise counsel of a strategic advisor. Fiona asks such incisive questions and has helped me to tease out my overall strategic direction; products; services – challenging me to remain faithful to my vision and in alignment with my true passions. For me that’s gold-dust and I can’t recommend Fiona highly-enough!" 
Dr. Maria Quinlan 
Founder and CEO Pink Flower Research 
"Fiona has been an enormous source of support in both my work and life. She has helped me navigate the times in life when I found it difficult to tap into my own inner compass. Fiona approaches every conversation with curiosity, wisdom and empathy. As a coach, her approach is multi-dimensional but the output is consistent, I generally come away from our discussions with a renewed sense of courage, faith, strength and purpose” 
Head of Institutional Business Development - Asset Management 
"Fiona just 'gets it'. She has worked at a level in international business that allows her to appreciate the context of whatever I bring to sessions; dealing with sophisticated and competing stakeholders, complex issues and the conflicting demands that come with running a business. Our coaching sessions have helped me navigate the demands of the business with fresh thinking bringing a sense of ease which has benefited my wider life. Incredibly insightful & hugely supportive, our sessions have become an important part of my month" 
CEO, Fintech 
"Fiona's passion and joy are contagious. Fiona, as my coach, held the space I needed to achieve my goals. She cuts through the noise and straight to the problem, ending with solutions in each session. This gave me huge confidence to move forward with my business. Her use of creative methods allows you step out of your head and into a place of freedom to really see what you want in life. This can be daunting, but her years of experience allows her to guide you to achieving these dreams through small achievable goals making your dreams become reality. What seems impossible becomes possible under the guidance of Fiona. I can't speak highly enough of her and what she has done for me, my life and my business." 
Lorna Finnegan, Founder and Creative Director, Textile and Print Brand 
The Unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment in Eastern traditions. The spirals symbolise the twists and challenges in life while the lotus flower represents reaching enlightenment through embracing this growth process. The Unalome always resonated with me, so much so I have a tattoo of one! The reality is life can be difficult and our challenge is to navigate opportunity and uncertainty in a way that helps us become the person we are destined to be and promotes our ambitions and dreams in life and work. 
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