Fiona English Speaker | Coach | Thought Leader 

Hi, I’m Fiona. I’m passionate about the areas of life that make us innately human. The red thread that runs through all my work is narrative. Speaking, Coaching and Writing all examine our relationship with concepts, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with each other. My research and work in the areas of spirituality, meaning, authenticity & personal leadership aim to create new avenues for how we make sense of who we are. 
In all my work, I am drawn to challenge existing narratives and paradigms. To question if they continue to serve us and to ask that we think differently as we work to heal our world. As we move beyond old beliefs and systems, we open up to new possibilities which can help us express all of who we can be, individually and collectively. If we can do this, I firmly believe there is a better world waiting for us all. 
Book Fiona to speak at your event or participate in a panel discussion 
I coach individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of who they are so they can live, work and lead more authentically. 
My Writing 
I write about topics such as meaning and spirituality, leadership and my personal journey to live and lead authentically. 
Online Courses 
My courses aim to guide people to make sense of their own spirituality, live more meaningful lives and embrace the power of authentic living. 


"Fiona's passion and joy are contagious. Fiona, as my coach, held the space I needed to achieve my goals. She cuts through the noise and straight to the problem, ending with solutions in each session. This gave me huge confidence to move forward with my business. Her use of creative methods allows you step out of your head and into a place of freedom to really see what you want in life. This can be daunting, but her years of experience allows her to guide you to achieving these dreams through small achievable goals making your dreams become reality. What seems impossible becomes possible under the guidance of Fiona. I can't speak highly enough of her and what she has done for me, my life and my business." 
Lorna Finnegan, Founder and Creative Director, Textile and Print Brand 
"Fiona brings clarity to confusion. Her energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to enlarge your vision of what you can achieve” 
Margaret, Dublin 
"I’ve come to know Fiona through a business breakfast we both attended. We immediately clicked because I needed support to build the movement. She is a skilled advisor who combines her experience in business, specifically in global investment, to guide social entrepreneurs.  
Fiona has an amazing capacity to solidify ideas and to direct you in the building of your social enterprise to become sustainable. For me, she has been a great pillar for the creation of the PiMov community; her business background combined with her spirituality, define a strategic, respectful and humble person, passionate about what she does and an amazing leader for our mentors’ community." 
Jeannette Meier, CEO YouTooday & Founder PiMov 
The Unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment in Eastern traditions. The spirals symbolise the twists and challenges in life while the lotus flower represents reaching enlightenment through embracing this growth process. The Unalome always resonated with Fiona as she believes our challenge is to navigate opportunity and uncertainty in a way that promotes our ambitions and dreams in life and business. 
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