Expression 'Something felt inside to be brought out and shared' '  At some point in mid-life, we start to yearn for ‘more’. You may have achieved success in some areas of life but your inner world begins to tell you there is still more to be discovered. That ‘more’ is often more of you, more of the person you could be waiting to be explored, nurtured and fully expressed in the world.   'Expression' is a transformational 9 month group program for individuals who have felt this call. The call that they have more to give to themselves, others and the world. Whether you have acknowledged it or not, you have a vision for yourself and your place in the world. Being of greater impact in the world begins by uncovering more of the person you can be. By cultivating and expressing your whole self. By unleashing your potential.   Drawing on research from psychology, spiritual and wisdom teachings, the power of language and metaphor and my personal lived experience of transformation, 'Expression' will allow you to create the time and space in your life to honour this inner call. It will provide a gestational period to acknowledge and nurture the unique combination of your strengths, your passions and your choices to become the person you are destined to be. Combining monthly group sessions and 1-1 coaching, the program will support you to map your unique attributes. It will help you gain clarity on who you are becoming and what you are here to contribute to yourself, others and the world.   

Why Expression? 
The root of the word ‘expression’ comes from the Latin ‘to press out’ refering to extracting or pressing out something that is already there. You don’t need to find anything. Everything you need is already inside you; waiting for you to acknowledge it, nurture it, grow it and express it. 
Growing Your Innate Potential 
There is a natural impulse within us all to grow and change. To ‘become’. Self actualisation and human potential are not about striving for the simplicity of productivity or achievement but about blooming into the fullest expression of your innate potential. Growing the seeds already sown inside you to become the total expression of all of who you are and can be. 
Engaging All Your Internal Wisdom 
To become fully expressed requires new ways of being. Expression can only be achieved when all parts of you are acknowledged and working harmoniously together. Expressing your whole self involves the engagement of all your internal wisdom. Your mind collaborating with your heart, your intuition, your gut.  
Living a Fully Expressed Life Matters 
Living a fully expressed life matters. The world needs more people who are working to become more whole and healed. Choosing to become a more fully expressed version of yourself is about deciding to be ‘more’ of who you can be. It is a powerful decision. It takes personal leadership to understand you, and everyone around you, benefit most not from what you do but from the whole person you can become.  
Nine Themes To Explore  
September: Intention 
Embarking on any journey of transformation begins with intentionality. We start with the ritual of standing still. By creating space and aiding stillness, you gain clarity on why you are here. What is your intention at this threshold? During this month, we will work with the power of slowness and stillness to create greater awareness of where you are and what direction you believe you are heading. 
October: Connection 
To embody all of who you can be begins by connecting with all of who you are. To be more connected we must recognise connection is a feeling; it resides in your body. During this month, we will explore deepening that connection to Self, embodiment techniques to be more in the body and the blocks we must overcome to develop greater connection in life. 
November: Spirit 
The world is full of knowledge but lacking wisdom. Wisdom sits within us all; accessed in the deeper parts of who you are. This month we will focus on developing your ability to connect to your spiritual self, your inner knowing, wisdom and intuition. To help you incorporate what you feel and believe to be true for yourself and your life into your decision-making. To recognise your own voice as the one that matters most. 
December: Shadow 
We all carry unhealed struggle, pain and shadow. Having the courage to shine a light on your wounds is part of your transformational journey. This month, we will work with the dual concepts of creating meaning in your struggle and how the ego battles your growth. What is the gift your struggle has given you? How can you heal and transmute pain you carry into something powerful? 
January: Wholeness 
In transpersonal psychology, the belief is everyone is on a path of psychospiritual development whether it is acknowledged or not. You are either consciously or unconsciously searching for your ‘whole’ self. Abraham Maslow called this self-actualisation, Carl Jung referred to it as individuation; the path each individual takes to become whole. This month, we will look toward identifying under-nurtured parts of yourSelf. Cultivating wholeness allows you to become a more self-actualised version of yourself in the world. 
February: Transition 
Transition is the energy of rebirth. The small seeds of what you are birthing during this transformational process are beginning to come to the light. This liminal stage can be filled with uncertainty and fear. This month we will work with the theme of emergence and rebirth and learning to be in better relationship with our fears so we become more visible in the world. 
March: Purpose as Leadership 
Purpose and Leadership are both rooted in who we are. Each of us desires to have maximum impact in the world; through our work or business, our life, and our relationships. As you become more enlarged and whole in the world, how do you use this enlargement to show up in a better way? This month we look at personal leadership and how the person you are is the foundation of the leadership and purpose you experience in your life. 
April: Integration 
Integration involves returning to stillness and slowness. You cannot integrate the new insights you have discovered if you move at speed. We will return towards slowness this month to reflect on what has been cultivated in the previous 7 months. Allowing a pause during this time encourages integration of this new wisdom and sense of Self so you can live with greater harmony. 
May: Expression 
Living a fully expressed life requires bravery. To live life this way and make choices that support your full expression will require you to be different, to stand out. When we choose to stand out, we must overcome our fear of being more visible. While you cannot control how others will react as you allow more of who you are to be seen, you can control how you create a sense of safety for yourself. 'Expression' is fully embodying the authenticity you have developed during this time and involves creating the necessary environment to support this authentic self. This month will focus on guiding you to create an approach to life and work which allows you to express your whole self. How will you honour the new version of yourself you are birthing? What are your needs to live in this space? 

 What You Receive 

9 Group Sessions & 9 1-1 Sessions 
2 hour Live Group Call on the theme of the month  
90 minute 1-1 Session per month for each participant 
Exploration of 9 different themes through the lens of contemporary psychology, spiritual wisdom and the power of language to help guide you on your journey 
Additional video, audio and written content monthly for personal reflection  
Welcome pack to start your transformational process 
Paid subscription to my Substack newsletter  
A private community platform (Mighty Networks) to access all resources, share ideas and provide ongoing community & connection throughout the period 
An intimate community of like-minded individuals (max. 6 people) 
A private space to support your own explorations through 1-1 coaching sessions 
Registration Closed 
'Expression' is for you if  
You consider yourself ‘successful’ in some areas of your life, but feel there is 'more' of you that has not yet been expressed in the world 
You are longing for something to be different in your life and focus but unsure what that is 
Something has shifted internally, you know you need to make change in life but are unclear what direction to take 
You are interested in concepts such as wholeness and self-actualisation and want to invest time in becoming who you are destined to be 
You know there is something you are supposed to contribute (legacy) but are struggling to get clarity on what that may be 
You have invested in your personal growth before but feel it is time to do some deeper work 
You know change in life can be lonely and want to be able to share the challenges and gain the support of a liked-minded group 
You are ready to commit to yourself by investing in a period of introspection, growth and greater self-expression over a 9 month period 
Feedback from Course Client 
‘I found Fiona’s One Day Retreat exactly what I needed to examine how I tap into my own connection with meaning in my daily life. Fiona created a safe but challenging space where we all got the opportunity to deepen our understanding of what is important to us in strengthening how we show up in the world. The mixture of reflection and questioning ensured that the day provided a really useful toolkit to examine my own practice and how I can pay attention to what is really important to me as I navigate modern life’ 
Feedback from Coaching Clients: 
‘What seems impossible becomes possible under the guidance of Fiona. I can't speak highly enough of her and what she has done for me, my life and my business’ 
‘Fiona brings clarity to confusion. Her energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to enlarge your vision of what you can achieve’ 
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