Exploring Spirituality

‘Exploring Spirituality’ 

Exploring Spirituality’ is about creating safe spaces for people to explore what spirituality means to them without judgement or agenda. I have experienced when I share my story of exploring my own spirituality, people often confide they don’t talk about it because they are not sure how it will be received or perhaps, they are still trying to figure out what it means to them. All of my explorations around spirituality are about helping people answer the question 'What does spirituality mean to me?' so they can embrace spirituality in a way which personally makes sense for them to live more connected, meaningful lives. When we begin to talk about spirituality openly, we nurture that part of ourselves while also giving others permission to do the same. 
My mission is to expand perceptions of spirituality with the ultimate aim that we are individually empowered to understand and prioritise our spiritual wellbeing in life. One thing that was clear in my research is there is a universality to the experience of spirituality, but it remains a personal path. We must all find our own path. I hope all the articles and resources on this page can help you find yours.  
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Some Thoughts on Spirituality - Free Download  
What Does Spirituality Mean To You? Be Inspired! 
To showcase the diversity of what spirituality can mean to people, I asked people what spirituality meant in their life. You can see more by clicking on the button below: 
My Research: What Does Spirituality Mean To You? AN IPA STUDY OF SPIRITUALITY AS A LIVED EXPERIENCE 
Findings showed that spirituality comprises a deep belief in and embodied connection to a higher power and resulted in greater meaning and purpose in life, the development of a more authentic life and a path to self-actualisation. You can download a summary of the research below. 
You can read the full paper via this link:  
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