'Exploring Your SELF' A Summer Journey of Contemplation  

Did the period in lockdown start you on a contemplative journey you would like to continue? Do you want a space to spend more time connecting with who you are? If so, ‘Exploring YourSELF’ is for you. 
I have heard repeatedly from clients and friends that one positive they have experienced over the last two months was having more time to reflect. Time is the essence of contemplation. It is the starting point to knowing yourself more deeply. There is no possibility of personal development in life without the allocation of time.  
Allowing time to contemplate in our lives is key to developing a better relationship with ourselves, others in our life and the world around us. With social distancing likely to remain in place in one form or another over the summer months, ‘Exploring YourSELF’ will provide a reflective space to dedicate time to yourself. 
‘Exploring YourSELF’ is a four-month journey to support you in getting to know yourself in a more intimate way. Combining group sessions with 1-1 coaching sessions, this is about allocating time to focus on yourself. 
We will meet online monthly as a small group to focus on themes from the Exploring Spirituality Day Retreat. Weaving contemporary psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom, we will reflect on the themes of Connection, Meaning and Authenticity before a final session to bring it all together. Between sessions, meditations and exercises will be available to help you make sense of these themes in your life.  
In addition, each member of the group will have two 1-1 coaching sessions with me. These sessions allow a more personal space to reflect on intentions you would like to set for this journey or areas you would like to explore. 
This is a place to reflect on both who you are and where you are. To spend some time developing your own contemplative tools for greater insight into yourself. 
Theme 1: Connection and Connectedness 
At its most fundamental level, spirituality is about connecting within. Spirituality is a process of self-exploration which asks us to connect with our own divinity. People refer to the spiritual path or journey because it is the journey to experience greater connection with ourselves. 
Theme 2: Meaning and the Sacred 
Religion and spiritual practices have traditionally provided not meaning itself but a guidebook to meaning. It is your own belief system from which you create meaning and purpose and decide what is sacred in your life. 
Theme 3: Authenticity and Expression 
A desire to experience our ‘wholeness’ is part of the human condition. To illuminate the parts of you that are hidden, rich with potential waiting to be revealed. As we recover these parts of our self, we feel more authentic in our inner world and our outer expression. 
Theme 4: Bringing it All Together 
Each of us has our own unique web of how these themes come together in our lives. Reflecting on what you have discovered and understanding how they co-exist in your life will allow you to decide how you will honour them going forward. 

What is Included: 

4 monthly group sessions each with a specific theme 
2 55-minute personal coaching sessions via zoom (with options to add more*) 
4 meditations to download linked to the theme of each session 
4 handouts linked to the theme of each session with exercises and reflections to take away 
Ideas for Contemplation: Reading lists and listening suggestions to take away at end of course to continue your own journey of contemplation 
Feedback on ‘Exploring Spirituality’ 
‘I found Fiona’s Spirituality One Day Retreat exactly what I needed to examine how I tap into my own connection with meaning in my daily life. Fiona created a safe but challenging space where we all got the opportunity to deepen our understanding of what is important to us in strengthening how we show up in the world. The mixture of reflection and questioning ensured that the day provided a really useful toolkit to examine my own practice and how I can pay attention to what is really important to me as I navigate modern life and the importance of acknowledging my own sense making of spirituality’ 
Feedback from Coaching Clients: 
‘What seems impossible becomes possible under the guidance of Fiona. I can't speak highly enough of her and what she has done for me, my life and my business’ 
‘Fiona brings clarity to confusion. Her energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to enlarge your vision of what you can achieve’ 
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