'Spirituality to me means connection to my true self, to my family and friends, to the world we live in and to try and find connection to what comes after living'  
'Is the journey inward in order not only to experience life more richly, but to contribute fully'  
'Spirituality helps me see the oneness of the divine spark in me, in others, on the earth & the universe around me' Deirdre 
'It means a connection to an energy or force that is larger than myself. It’s like a hug that is wrapped around all of us' 
'Spirituality to me means connecting to a higher universal consciousness. Seeing and feeling part of the universe and not a separate "ego". It is also a very much a pratice for me, and my chosen practice is daily meditations. Spirituality also means to me growth, not finding who I am, but growing with every step to become more of what I already am'  
'A deep sense of connection to all that is the thread of life. A sense that we are part of something bigger and that their is something bigger. When in that place feeling calm, peace, awe, gratefulness, love, trust, belief, hope and healing. This feeling transcends ruminating thoughts, fear, pain, hurdles, the past or future'  
'Experiencing self-transcendence through engaging with the sacred'  
'Spirituality to me means being open to other people’s views and opinions. It means being peaceful and at one with myself, searching for the answers within and knowing the universe has my back'  
'Remembering our true identity. Consciousness playing the illusory game of life. By remembering this, we can be aware that whatever the outward form of the present situation (whether seemingly positive or negative), it is not something to be attached to, to take too seriously. This perspective is empowering for me, and helps me maintain faith and stay strong and connect on a purer level with those around me'  
'Feeling connected to a higher power, sensing the supernatural, acknowledging and trusting my intuition' Tanya 
'The deeply personal journey to discovering my spirit core and connection/relationship with our Creator(God) so I can increasingly live my life according to His Will'  
'Infinite Intelligence' 
''Spirituality means a connection to myself, an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all things, and a sense of meaning and purpose in life'  
'I am not a religious person. For me spirituality means connection with others, with nature, with an invisible energy'  
'Acceptance...of what is. Learning that everyday is a new beginning... And the chance to be and exist and live. Everyday a little better if you can. Being kind to yourself and others. Mostly acceptance and renewal' 
'To me it's experiencing yourself, others and the world as Wonder. Wonder being "Alignment of Authentic Good with the Unknown'  
'Hope, joy, expansion, learning, growth, depth, connection, a call' 
'I find it a comfort have had a lot of personal loss in the last couple of years 
and my spirituality is something that got me through'  
'Spirituality for me is an awareness that the world we see is an illusion and the real world is not visible to the eye. It is realising that under people's conditioning there is an innocent spirit. It is realising that we are all connected and live as part of a bigger being. It is connecting to our real nature. It is Being' 
'A relationship with 'God' (who is love, breath and light) through connection with him/her and seeing / perceiving/ celebrating the essence of God in everything and everyone. My security, rock, anchor, inspiration and guide. Where I’ve come from before I lived in this body and where I am going when I die. The real me – without all the ego stuff. My calling and meaning in life. My reason for living'  
'Connecting to the divine spark inside me to help me connect to everyone and everything'  
'A relationship of awe and wonder that I can tap into at my highest and lowest. For me spirituality is following the gracious ways of Jesus and being filled with his Holy Spirit. Best summed up in ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength' 
'Who I am as a human being; how I treat myself and others' 
'A relationship I have with myself, my surroundings and those in my life that share experiences with me' 
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