Within each of us there is a silence, as silence as vast as the universe. And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are. Gunilla Norris 
One of my criticisms of the personal development space is the overzealous focus on goals. It perpetuates the problems we already have in society; overwork, burnout, striving and disconnection. Setting goals may provide clarity on things we want to achieve but it doesn’t always give clarity on how we want to live. One of my intentions for living in 2022 and beyond is greater simplicity. Rather than setting goals during January, I kept asking myself ‘what do I not need?’ Reflecting on how I can create more space both in my business and my life. 
Creating space has become very potent practice for me over the last 5 years. It’s not about the minimalism of what I have or own although that helps. It is also about taking a more minimalist approach to habits, tasks and time spent. An intentional focus which stops my interior life becoming condensed. Because when I allow that to happen, my sense of self is less clear. My writing becomes a little muddy. I struggle to get clarity on ideas and decisions. And generally, life feels likes its moving more quickly than I enjoy. 
Creating space helps me find the silence I deeply crave. When I can quiet my mind, I come back to a sense of complete connection with the wisest part of myself. I find my best ideas in these moments. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, I remain human. I still get in my own way. Say yes to too much. Ignore my own advice. When I allow too much external stimuli, that connection slowly starts to unravel. Only then do I realise there is, once again, too much when what I am really seeking is less. 
The truth is we are all afraid of space. Reluctant to embrace emptiness because we have become so accustomed to striving. We fear if we allow space, we will not just understand what we want but, more terrifyingly, see what we already have that we don’t want. To allow greater space is about cultivating more faith. Understanding space can be trusted. That it will show us who we really are and what we truly desire. 
Ultimately, space is about expansion. The best personal development is always found in expanding more of who you already are. The seeds of potential already planted. To be brave enough not to seek more but to become more. 
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