One of the values I live and work by is a commitment to evolve. To create a better world we must first commit to evolving ourselves. To evolve in life is the process of repeatedly answering the question ‘who do I want to be in the world?’. I try to make decisions in life and work that bring me closer to that version of myself. Embracing personal evolution is to accept the truth of life. That, as the world evolves, so must you. 
Purpose is widely glorified today. Probably the least glorified aspect of purpose is that it is challenging. Choosing to evolve in service of a better you, a better world, to contribute to life in a bigger way is to accept that challenge. To believe you can be different, wiser, more impactful. Purpose and identity are highly correlated and reinforcing of each other. Experiencing greater purpose in life often reflects healthy identity development while an understanding of your identity reinforces meaning and purpose. 
All the great myths are stories of evolving, of how we need to say goodbye to who we are to become who we are destined to be. They are recognition that we must evolve to meet our destiny; there is a person you need to become to enable the things you are called to do. There is no purpose without evolution. The very nature of a purposeful life is to evolve. To let go of who you are and commit to the possibility of you can be. 
To evolve is to accept our natural state; the human propensity to grow and change. Suppressing your personal evolution is to deny the reality of being alive. There are seeds of possibility already planted inside you waiting to be nurtured. Part of evolving is to give up resistance to the change you intuitively know you must embrace. To learn to trust the growth that awaits you. 
The process of evolving is not for the faint of heart. And therein lies in the key. The attributes required for our future evolution are not those of the intellect but those of the heart; courage, authenticity, inspiration, a desire for truth and the inner strength to truly lead. The rewards will be high. When I think about embracing this process in my own life, I am endlessly grateful for who it has allowed me to become. 
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