An intention I have set for myself recently has been: ‘to take the risk to move more slowly. To really experience life. To embrace more the beauty of life as a process of unfolding. Not just outcomes.⁣ 
When you set an intention, synchronicities arrive. I have been receiving regular reminders to stick with my intention. The most recent was Brené Brown on the Tim Ferriss show. When asked what she knows now that didn’t know 5 years ago; “‘further faster’ was always my motto… one thing I have changed my mind about is I am a ‘slower closer’ kind of person”. ⁣ 
This resonated with me so much. I was always a further faster person. In everything I did. In recent times, I have realised how much slower I like my life to be. It doesn’t mean lower goals, it doesn’t mean I have less ambition. It means that I have realised at a slower pace, I am closer⁣ to myself. More connected to who I am and my life as a whole. And it suits me.⁣ 
In this space, I am more certain about who I want to be and what I want for my life⁣ and my work. It is not that I set less goals, it is that I have slowed down enough to make better decisions to direct my resources towards what I truly⁣ want. And, perhaps surprisingly, I now take more risk towards the life I desire. ⁣ 
Seeking more meaningful lives, lives which help us reach for the possibilities and potential that we are destined for, does not require more goals or targets. It requires more connection to Self. To achieve that connection requires more slowness. To have the courage to connect to what we really want. If we run through life, connection remains absent. As a result, we live in a state of perpetual discontent. Searching for greater #meaning, #purpose and #fulfilment but never getting there. To realise your potential in life is not striving for some goal; rather it is to express fully all of who you are. ⁣ 
I have written about this before. I am still not cured. This is an ongoing practice in my life. But it is one I am committed to as I⁣ continue my personal journey to express my whole self fully. ⁣ 
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