Part of living, working, or leading with greater purpose is learning to trust yourself more. So many strive for greater purpose without finding it because they look for clear directions of the road to take. Seeking external validation of decisions and plans. In my experience, to be truly purpose-led is to take the lead. To recognise there is no defined path, you must create the path for yourself. 
We live in a world which tries to convince us to do things the same way. Yet, to really live, work or lead ‘on purpose’, you have to do things your way. Meaning and purpose are highly correlated with authenticity. Cultivated by focusing less on what you do and more on who you are. How you nurture the authentic expression of your whole self will determine the potency of purpose you feel in your life, work, or business. 
Maslow described the necessity of trusting oneself as a fundamental element for any person to be authentic. When I work with purpose-led entrepreneurs, leaders, or individuals, cultivating greater trust of self is key to the process. You must have the courage to listen to your own wisdom and intuition. Incorporate what you feel and believe to be true for yourself into your decision-making. You may take a path not walked before but it is there the purpose you desire often sits. It takes courage, tenacity, and usually hard work. But more than anything it takes learning to trust yourself more. To not seek external counsel but recognise your own voice as the one that matters most. 
As we enter a new year, ask not what goals or resolutions to set. Rather ask more gently; how can I trust myself more in 2022? 
Happy New Year to All. 
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