Like many things in modern life, purpose has been framed into something which we should ‘do’, an action we must take. The ever-popular mantra ‘Find Your Purpose’ implies action; something to be found outside of ourselves. 
I believe purpose begins with stillness. When you allow yourself to be still, your inner voice will tell you what you are longing for. To be still takes more courage than to act. We fear being still because we already know that what we are truly longing for will scare us; will require change. A change in a relationship, a change in location, a change in career or job or simply a change in old habits and ways of being. So many people are seeking a greater sense of purpose today not because they don’t know what they are seeking, but because they are afraid of what they are seeking. 
This is not a call to action; it is an invitation to stillness. To invite more stillness into your life and discover what you are truly longing for. 
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