I have been thinking about the privilege I experience in life all week. 
Listening to a webinar by the National Women's Council of Ireland on Thursday a quote resonated with me. 
‘We have to be clear - we live in an unequal society and the pandemic has made this more explicit’ 
I am emerging from this pandemic relatively unscathed while others will see their existing struggle for access to basics like food and accommodation magnified. I am frustrated our systems and structures allow this. I know I need my voice to be louder on these topics because the voice of those who suffer is not heard. 
Today, I see my white privilege very clearly. And I am angry. That someone’s life was taken from him due to the colour of his skin makes me want to shout loudly. Because I know that, in this world, my white voice is listened to more than his. That my ability to live safely tastes bitter because others does not share that privilege with me. 
Someone said to me this week that getting angry about these things didn’t appear very spiritual. Whatever that means. There is nothing passive about spirituality. To live spiritually implies an action. A choice to follow a path of personal development and spiritual growth. To heal yourself of old wounds and toxic beliefs so you can become more fully yourself to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. As you heal your personal pain, your heart is freed to see the pain of the world more clearly. That the pain of others is also your pain. That each injustice is also your responsibility. That you cannot be passive in a world so crying out for healing. 
But more than anything when I look under my anger and frustration, I am so deeply sad 😔 That the most precious gift that has been given to us all - life - would be treated so casually. That we do not guarantee equality and sufficient resources for all people to live well. And tragically, that gift of life was so recklessly and needlessly taken from one man. 
Each of us should cherish our own life a little more today. But, while doing that, we should use our voice to shout loudly for those who can’t. Until the privilege to be alive, safe and cared for is afforded to every person that shares our planet 🌍 
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