As I have reflected on 2020, its clear to me that I have been focused a lot on meaning this year. Both in my work and in my life. Meaning is how we tell the story of who we are individually and collectively. This is the red thread that runs through all my work; narrative. Speaking, Coaching and Writing all examine our relationship with concepts, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with each other. My research and work in the areas of spirituality, meaning and authenticity aim to create new avenues for how we make sense of who we are. 
In all my work, I am drawn to challenge existing narratives and paradigms. To question if they continue to serve us and to ask that we think differently as we work to heal our world. As we move beyond old beliefs and systems, we open up possibilities to help us achieve our potential, individually and collectively. If we can do this, I firmly believe there is a better world waiting for us all. 
Our lives are the stories we tell ourselves about them. Every new actor, every new scene and every new event (hello pandemic!) challenges the story we have already written or expect for ourselves. Part of having meaningful lives is honing our ability to create these stories. To be open to the idea that new unexpected chapters will arrive and some of the chapters we expected to write will leave. 
The question is always how quickly we can let go of our old story and embrace and integrate the new event, person or struggle we encounter. The speed at which we can do this opens us up to a bigger story – one which is larger than we had originally expected. It asks us to let go of control and trust that life is working for us not against us. Creating more meaning in life fundamentally means we need to have the courage to change our stories. 
As we approach the end of 2020 – what needs to change, leave or be welcomed into your story? 
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