Each of us have questions inside which need to be answered. To live a fully expressed life we must follow these questions and where they are trying to lead us. One of my questions was, and still is, ‘What does spirituality mean to me?’ 
This question has been floating around my interior world all of my life. I dipped in and out over the years but never quite engaged. Finally, I reached a point when this question refused to go unanswered any longer. To accept I had no choice but to recognise this question was too important to my life to go unanswered. I have spent large parts of the last number of years contemplating this question, asking others, researching psychological literature, investigating ancient spiritual wisdom, and completing my own research study. They say it takes 10000 hours to achieve a level of mastery in a topic. While I feel I have invested that time, I would suggest the person who arrived at that figure never explored a topic as vast as spirituality! Spirituality humbles you and makes you realise you are not trying to master it but rather to live it. What I am certain about is that answering this question for myself has made me more connected to my whole self, has infused my life with greater meaning and purpose and helps me every day to live at the level of authenticity I aspire to. 
Putting together ‘What Does Spirituality Mean To You? The Online Course™ has been an act of service. I truly believe that spirituality is for everyone. That the human spirit is grossly overlooked in modern society and the result is mass disconnection from Self, each other, and our planet. Embracing spirituality begins with understanding it for ourselves. Each of the modules in this course begins with the word ‘Exploring’. My wish is not to tell you what to believe or experience but rather to help you explore the themes that I have found are prevalent in people’s experience of spirituality and make choices for yourself. 
Enrolment is now available via the link on the home page.  
Wishing those of you who take this step a great journey. 
Fiona x ⁣ 
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