When I began thinking about my logo I knew for me it had to be deeply meaningful and representing the beautiful experience of life 🌟(kinda goes with the territory when you research and speak about spirituality and meaning in life 😆) The traditional Unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment in some eastern traditions. The spirals symbolise the twists and challenges that life presents while the lotus flower depicts reaching enlightenment through embracing life’s challenges. 
The Unalome always resonated with me because it really doesn’t matter if it is in life or business....we will be challenged and experience struggle along the way. Our choice is whether to embrace these challenges and the ongoing uncertainty of life knowing if we face them it can lead to breakthroughs, better outcomes and the flowering of a fuller life 🌼 
True to form I didn’t want a traditional version 😉 I believe spirituality to be, at its core, an individual path. So like my approach to all things spiritual, I wanted to personalise it. Thanks to the amazing @erinmdesign, this version hits all the notes.... beautiful, ethereal, a Celtic feel and bright colours evoking hope. Soft and strong at the same time. Three seeds jumping from the flower at the top illustrate when we embrace all of life fully, seeds of possibility can emerge 
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