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When I speak I draw on my multi-disciplinary background and a deep love for narrative and story. I speak on topics as diverse as purpose, leadership, authenticity, expression and spirituality; what they share is the exploration of who we are & how we want to show up in the world. Central to all my speaking work is a desire to inspire people to live a life which truly expresses all of who they are; through their work, relationships, the areas of life they are passionate about. This is how meaningful lives are created and how we all can show up in a way which offers leadership and makes a difference in our world. 
' Fiona is an inspirational communicator combining empathy with a direct and impactful style '  
' One of the most inspiring and thought-provoking sessions I've attended ' 

Popular Topics  

The 3 Things That Matter in Purpose and Leadership – Purpose and Leadership are overused words in the 21st century. As a result, they have lost their meaning and impact. Yet Purpose and Leadership are rooted in similar ideals. Fiona speaks to the three ideals which purpose and leadership share and how we can set the intention for both to show up in our daily lives.  
Personal Leadership & Contribution–We are confused about leadership in today’s world. We think to lead, we must have power. What many global leaders have shown us is that you can have power and never lead. True Leadership is about Impact. It is about using the resources available to you regardless of your position or wealth to have a lasting and positive impact on yourself, others and society. Leadership was never about power. It is about the courage to be different and the willingness to inspire. 
Expressing Your Whole Self - Authenticity is a fundamental aspect of well-being and a life well-lived. What you do, how you live, your relationships and your legacy will all flow naturally from a commitment to allow all parts of yourself to be seen and expressed in the world. In reality, authenticity is difficult. You take a risk every time you reveal your true self externally. But Authenticity is what makes you unique. Research shows that less “role variation” in life promotes greater wellbeing. Practicing authenticity is about living the life you want and claiming who you are. Fiona speaks to the challenges of authenticity in our modern world, how we can live more authentic lives and why the key purpose to each life is to fully express who you are. 
What Does Spirituality Mean To You? – the rise in spiritual practice is evident with the practice of yoga and mindfulness growing exponentially globally. Yet the human spirit remains grossly overlooked in modern society. The result is mass disconnection from Self, each other, and our planet. And a deep thirst for meaning. Embracing spirituality begins with understanding it for ourselves. Fiona looks at what spirituality can be and how individual paths to spiritual practice could help us cultivate greater connection, the meaning we crave and more cohesive societies. 

Book Now  Fiona has extensive experience speaking at events globally and participating in panel discussions on a variety of topics. Known for a personal yet impactful style, she asks audiences to challenge established ways of thinking individually and collectively. Speaking is not just about a concept or research, it is about the ability to tell that story in a way which resonates with people and shifts their perspective. Working with the client prior to any event, Fiona tailors content to suit the audience.  To book Fiona to speak at your event or to make an enquiry, please complete the form below & a call can be set up to discuss. 

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