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Fiona has extensive experience speaking at events globally and participating in panel discussions on a variety of topics. Known for a personal yet impactful style, she asks audiences to challenge established ways of thinking individually and collectively. Speaking is not just about a concept or research, it is about the ability to tell that story in a way which resonates with people and shifts their perspective. Working with the client prior to any event, Fiona tailors content to suit the audience. 

Core Speaking Topics  

Meaning and Purpose – Human beings are inherently meaning-making. Traditional avenues for making meaning are changing. Fiona’s speaks about the science behind why and how we make meaning and new avenues for helping people cultivate greater meaning and purpose in life. 
Spirituality in the 21st century – the rise in spiritual practice is evident with the practice of yoga and mindfulness growing exponentially globally. And yet we still appear hungry for connection and meaning. Fiona looks at what spirituality is and how individual paths to spiritual practice could help us cultivate the meaning we crave and what the research shows in terms of our wellbeing. 
Authenticity - Authenticity is a fundamental aspect of well-being. Research shows that less “role variation” in life promotes greater wellbeing. In reality, authenticity is difficult. You take a risk every time you reveal your true self externally. But Authenticity is what makes you unique. Practicing authenticity is about living the life you want and claiming who you are. Fiona speaks about authenticity in our modern world and how we can live more authentic lives. 

Connectedness & Wisdom: Their Role in Conscious Business and Leadership 

What does it mean to operate a truly conscious business? How do we stop meaning and purpose being some tagline and truly make our business practices meaningful?  
Conscious business starts by truly believing that people, purpose, profit and planet can align. Fiona looks at the intersection of consciousness, connectedness, purpose and business practices and what it really means to develop conscious business models. Conscious business requires conscious leadership; a commitment to self-development, focusing on cultivating wisdom rather than relying on knowledge and ultimately growing our courage to make authentic decisions from a place of integrity.  

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