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When I speak I draw on my multi-disciplinary background and a deep love for narrative and story. I speak on topics as diverse as purpose, leadership, self-actualisation, authenticity, expression and spirituality; what they share is the exploration of who we are & how we want to show up in the world. Central to all my speaking work is a desire to inspire people to live a life which truly expresses all of who they are; through their business, work, relationships, the areas of life they are passionate about. This is how meaningful work and lives are created and how we all can show up in a way which offers leadership and makes a difference in our world. 
' Fiona is an inspirational communicator combining empathy with a direct and impactful style '  
' One of the most inspiring and thought-provoking sessions I've attended ' 

Signature Keynotes 

Purpose Is A Choice  
Purpose and Purposeful Leadership have become buzzwords globally. So much so, we have allowed conversations on purpose and leadership to lack any depth.  
Leadership is about impact. How can you use the resources available to you to have a greater impact on yourself, others and society. This is where purpose and leadership intersect. There is no doubt Purpose as a concept is currently for sale. Yet, it takes personal leadership to really define and execute purpose with integrity.The biggest mistake people make is they have forgotten that purpose is inherently human. Purpose is about you, the leader, not your business. 
Purpose, at its core, is about choice. Purpose asks us what matters to us – as people, as citizens of our world, as leaders in business. What do you really value? And how does that understanding infuse your decision-making process? Purpose in business is not just about what you do but about how you will do it. It is real clarity on what matters to you and the choices you will make as a result. 
In this keynote, I speak to the three questions everyone should be able to answer if purpose and purposeful leadership are to be truly evident in their work and life.  
Expression - Moving Beyond Purpose Towards Potential 
In a world in which the search for purpose has reached epic proportions and personal development has become like an Olympic sport, I encourage a different approach to life; Expression. The concept of expression is bigger, fuller than purpose. The word ‘expression’ comes from the Latin ‘to press out’ referring to extracting or pressing out something that is already there. You don’t need to find anything. Everything you need is already inside you. Expression is the natural impulse within us all to grow and change. Self actualisation and human potential are not about striving for the simplicity and singularity of purpose but about blooming into the fullest expression of your innate potential. 
The problem with our modern definition of purpose is it is singular in its focus. ‘Find Your Purpose’ has framed purpose as simply something we do. Specifically, something we work at or monetise. This is a gross over-simplification of purpose. In any purpose-filled life, ‘success’ will never be linear or one dimensional. It must be fuller, more embodied, the total expression of all of who you are. Expression asks you to really transform your way of being rather than simply focus on what you are doing. It is an ongoing experience you create when you are in proper relationship with your life. 
Greater expression begins by understanding you, in fact, are your purpose. The person you are invested in becoming will be the greatest determinant of the sense of purpose you experience in your life. To really develop, grow and experience purpose over the course of your lifespan involves accessing and expressing your whole self. What you do, how you live, your relationships and your legacy will all flow naturally from a commitment to allow all parts of yourself to be seen and expressed in the world. Your life, work or relationships simply provide the vehicles through which you express your whole self. Expression is about recognising you, and everyone around you (whether it be your staff, your spouse or society) benefit most not from what you do but from the person you can become. 

Book Now  Fiona has extensive experience speaking at events globally and participating in panel discussions on a variety of topics. Known for a personal yet impactful style, she asks audiences to challenge established ways of thinking individually and collectively. Speaking is not just about a concept or research, it is the ability to tell that story in a way which resonates with people and shifts their perspective. Working with the client prior to any event, Fiona tailors content to suit the audience.  To book Fiona to speak at your event or to make an enquiry, please complete the form below & a call can be set up to discuss. 

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