Keynote Speaking  

I speak on topics as diverse as purpose, purposeful leadership, self-actualisation, authenticity, expression, citizenship and spirituality; what they share is the exploration of who we are & how we want to show up in the world.  
Central to all my speaking work is a desire to inspire people to live a life which truly reflects all of who they are and to have clarity around what they would like their impact to be. To help uncover their answer to the question - what would you like the outcome of your life, work, skills and determination to be and why? 
This is how meaningful lives are created, purposeful work is done and how we all can show up in a way which offers leadership and makes a difference in our world.  
' One of the most inspiring and thought-provoking sessions I've attended ' 

Signature Keynotes 

#1 Purpose Is A Choice / The Three Things That Matter In Purposeful Leadership 
In a world awash with purpose statements, how do you ensure you or your organisation can truly have the impact you want? 
Purpose, at its core, is about choice. Purpose asks us what matters to us – as people, as citizens of our world, as employees and leaders in business. What do you really value? And how does that understanding infuse your decision-making process? In this keynote, Fiona challenges audiences to reflect on three fundamental questions which help make purpose real in their life and work. Answering these questions helps everyone, regardless of their position, make purpose and purposeful leadership tangible in their life, work, or business. 
Audiences walk away not just informed but connected to what purpose means personally to them. They leave inspired to take actions that amplify their impact in our shared world. 
#2 More Than Gold Stars: Navigating Your Path of Self-Actualisation 
We all sense the unexplored potential within us, a calling to a life meant just for us. Why, then, do so many struggle to unlock that potential and become who they are destined to be? 
The journey toward self-actualisation is not a one-size-fits-all venture. Our world adheres to a narrow definition of success, one that fails to accommodate the diverse paths and unique aspirations of individuals. It can be too easy to follow this path carved by others for you. This doesn’t lead to fulfilment; it leads to disillusionment. 
Only you have the power to actualise your potential. When you feel disgruntled with life and work, it may be because you are not investing your time and energy into what really matters to you. Your life, work or relationships provide the vehicles through which you express your whole self. Therefore, you must ensure they are the right ones for you. To become who you are destined to be or to pursue the work you wish to do, you must be willing to take the reins and lead in all aspects of your life. 
Audiences are offered insights into what it takes to live a truly authentic life but also a challenge: Embrace your uniqueness, define what truly matters to you, and take the first step towards actualising who you are here to be. 

Book Now  Fiona has extensive experience speaking at events globally and participating in panel discussions on a variety of topics. Known for a personal yet impactful style, she asks audiences to challenge established ways of thinking individually and collectively.   To book Fiona to speak at your event or to make an enquiry, please complete the form below. 

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