My Coaching Approach 

Whether people arrive into a coaching relationship with me for personal or business reasons (or more often both), what they all share is the desire to navigate what is presenting in their life and work in a better way. In general, two different groups of people typically come to me for coaching;  
1) Purpose-led business leaders and, 
2) 'Self-Actualisers' Individuals who consider themselves to be on a path of personal development, spiritual growth or self-actualisation depending on the language they are personally comfortable with. 
In reality, these two groups of people often overlap. Most purpose-led leaders are committed to their personal development and most people on a path of personal development are purpose-led in their approach to their life and work. 
I provide a unique holistic client-led offering for those who want to unlock their fullest potential and live, lead and work from a place of authenticity and purpose. I take a humanistic person-centred approach to coaching believing you to be the best expert in your own life and work and coach through a collaborative process in which you take the lead. Using evidence-based techniques, I both encourage and challenge you to get clear on the ambitions and goals you have and create a roadmap to that place. 
My research into purpose, leadership, self-actualisation, spirituality, and authenticity informs all my work; I believe each of us are consciously or unconsciously trying to unlock our fullest potential and the challenges presented to us in life and work offer opportunities to forward that process. Cultivating and understanding our inner landscape plays a key part in navigating what is manifesting in our life and work. My role as the coach is to support you in navigating challenges and opportunities and enable you to develop strategies to grow and develop as a person, leader, or business owner. 
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‘Starting and attempting to scale your own business at times feels like a lonely high-wire act – Fiona understands that intrinsically and combines the compassion and challenge of an insightful coach, with the wise counsel of a strategic advisor. Fiona asks such incisive questions and has helped me to tease out my overall strategic direction; products; services – challenging me to remain faithful to my vision and in alignment with my true passions. For me that’s gold-dust and I can’t recommend Fiona highly-enough!’  Dr. Maria Quinlan Founder and Ceo Pink Flower Research

Purpose-Led Business Owners & Leaders 

For executive and leadership coaching, I specialise in supporting purpose-led business owners & leaders. Utilising my multi-disciplinary expertise, I provide a unique holistic client-led offering for those who want to live, lead and work from a place of authenticity and purpose. 
As founder of my own purpose-led business, I personally understand the unique challenges that any purpose-driven venture can face. In my experience, there is little separation between the business and its owner; the purpose of the business sits within those who lead it. Therefore, it can only be made manifest through the passion and tenacity of that person or people. 
Coaching purpose-led business leaders and individuals must be centred around the importance of unlocking the individual’s understanding of who they are if they are to truly deliver the impact they desire. 
Whether you are an established leader in industry, have founded your own organisation or have a vision for a business you want to create, I partner with and support you towards achieving your goals from a place of ease, trust, and deep alignment with your personal sense of purpose.  
Combining expertise in international investment, innovative coaching practices and an academic focus on meaning, purpose, spirituality and authenticity, I provide you with the space to explore, contemplate and challenge your ideas, values and strategic direction. 

The 5 Values Intrinsic To My Work With Purpose-Led Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Individuals  

The key to purpose in life is to express all of who you can be. I encourage you to create an approach to life and business which allows you to express your whole self. Identifying and cultivating under-nurtured parts of Self allows you to become a more self-actualised version of yourself in the world. This version is what the world needs and allows you to live and lead with greater depth of authenticity. 
To create a better world we must first commit to evolving ourselves. To really lead a purpose-driven organisation or develop a purpose-filled life requires commitment to the inner journey. Any life or business can only develop at the pace of your evolution. 
The world needs new ideas and ways of being. I help you draw on your innate wisdom and creativity to action how you want to lead, what you want to contribute and most importantly, how you want to live. 
Each of us desires to have maximum impact in the world; through our business, our life, and relationships. I work with you to gain clarity on what your desired impact is. Part of this includes a focus on self-management: how you will action your vision while protecting and conserving your energy. Burnt out business owners and leaders diminish their impact. Managing your own expectations and creating plans with longevity is key to pursuing greater purpose in life and business. 
At their core and regardless of product, service or life, purpose-led business leaders and individuals desire a more equitable world. I collaborate with you to gain clarity on how you can reduce the barriers to accessibility for what you have to share. 

'Fiona combines the compassion and challenge of an insightful coach, with the wise counsel of a strategic advisor' 

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