'Express Your Whole Self and Amplify Your Impact In The World ' 

My Substack newsletter Expression is made up of personal reflections on life and essays on broader social matters. My personal essays are the combination of what I know, research and speak about on topics such as purpose, leadership, self-actualisation, spirituality and authenticity and my personal lived experience of grounding these ideas into the messy reality of life. I also write opinion pieces on social & cultural issues if I have a strong or different view (often both!). 
For me, personal issues and social issues are related topics. The real purpose of personal development or spiritual growth is not simply to enhance your life but to enable you to impact yourself, others and our world in a more meaningful way. This is the call of our time; to evoke your inner leader and become who you are destined to be in service of a better world. My hope is this newsletter supports you with content and community to inspire and empower you on that personal journey. 
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