Easter in Christianity ✝️ symbolises the idea of ‘rebirth’. Rebirth and transformation are common themes across all forms of spirituality. 
The snake although vilified in the story of Adam and Eve was actually representative in ancient mythology of healing, rebirth and transformation as it sheds its skin. Kundalini which translates as “coiled serpent” depicts the coiled serpent or life force energy resting at the base of our spine. It’s core idea is that we are latent with potential waiting to be expressed. We uncoil from the safety of the known and allow our true self to be expressed through growth. More commonly today, we refer to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. 
Any of these stories represent spiritual growth, death and rebirth. We must endure struggle, accept change and be willing to let our “old self” die in order to transform. Using the snake metaphor, we must leave the safety of what we know (our current skin) to embrace the uncertainty of our potential (the skin to be revealed). It is a “leap of faith” that we say goodbye to one way of being before fully knowing what the next looks like. 
The spiritual teaching is that we live in a constant state of death and rebirth, of renewal and change. Each new day, each moment is an opportunity to choose again. To ask what inside me am I willing to let go of, what needs to die, what chance am I willing to take? Each decision representing another step towards who you are destined to become. 
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