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Fiona has extensive experience speaking at events globally and participating in panel discussions on a variety of topics. Known for a personal yet impactful style, she takes her passion for people, expert knowledge of positive psychology and human flourishing to deliver thought-provoking and appealing speeches. Working with the client prior to any event, Fiona tailors’ content to suit the audience. 
Suggested topics 
Deconstructing Happiness – What does it really mean to be happy? Science-based techniques to increase our wellbeing and satisfaction with life 
Avoiding Burnout – the epidemic of the 21st Century – Understanding how burnout originated, what causes it and how can each of us prevent it 
Trust –Trust is necessary in every relationship or transaction but do any of us really understand how it is built? Fiona explains how Trust works, how we build it, why is harder to rebuild and its importance today as we move to increasingly mobile workplaces and communities. (Fiona is a contributing author on Trust for a positive psychology book to be released in late 2019). 
Spirituality – the rise in spiritual practice is evident with the practice of yoga and mindfulness growing exponentially globally. And yet we still appear hungry for connection and meaning. In this talk, Fiona breaks down what spirituality is and how individual paths to spiritual practice could help us cultivate the meaning we crave and what the research shows in terms of our wellbeing. 
Positive Psychology - not sure what your firm can do to ensure the wellbeing of employees? Fiona discusses how to cultivate wellbeing, keep engagement high and create a workplace which enables fulfilment and greater profitability. 

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